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Mavericks Finder Slowness



I’ve had a number of coworkers report that their Finder has been behaving poorly since the upgrade to Mavericks. They have noticed that when opening a new Finder window, the window will remain blank and beach-ball for 20-30 seconds before filling in as expected, then seeming to work fine. I was able to resolve this issue by removing the Finder plist and restarting Finder. Continue reading

Speeding up Terminal Window/Tab Opening (10.9)

Alright – this one is going to be short and sweet. A problem that begins to crop up with Terminal over time is that when you open it, it can take a number of seconds to “load” to the actual command prompt. You can begin typing while it loads, and it should catch up with you without problem, but the delay bothers the hell out of me, and I would assume a lot of other people. Luckily, the cause of and resolution to this is very simple.
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Configuring RADIUS on OS X Server (10.8-10.9)

OS X Server comes with FreeRADIUS pre-installed, but does not have any GUI interface for enabling or configuring it[1]. This guide will walk you through, step-by-step, how to enable, configure, and test your RADIUS server. I’ll probably follow up with a separate guide on configuring various devices to work with the FreeRADIUS server you will be configuring here. Continue reading

How to Make a Bootable USB of Mavericks (10.9)

Every time a new OS is released I always see dozens of questions about how to create bootable USB disks with the new OS in the fastest way possible. As such, here is the fastest way I have found – it will install a fully functional Mavericks system on a USB 3.0 (or Thunderbolt) drive in less than 5 minutes (disclaimer: may take up to 20 minutes with USB 2.0).
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