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Configuring RADIUS on OS X Server (10.8-10.9)

OS X Server comes with FreeRADIUS pre-installed, but does not have any GUI interface for enabling or configuring it[1]. This guide will walk you through, step-by-step, how to enable, configure, and test your RADIUS server. I’ll probably follow up with a separate guide on configuring various devices to work with the FreeRADIUS server you will be configuring here. Continue reading

Creating HTML Signatures in Apple’s

Over the years creating a decent looking signature in Apple Mail has become more and more convoluted. I have had a number of friends and clients request instructions on how to accomplish this in 10.8 (and now 10.9), so I am posting a write-up for exactly how to accomplish it. For this guide I am going to assume that you know how to (or know someone that does) create a signature using HTML. I will provide a template at the bottom of this page if all you want to do is fill in your information (and custom image).
Continue reading

SSH and SCP Guide


This guide is going to provide an overview of how to use SSH and SCP to connect to remote computers, run commands, and transfer files to and from them. ssh allows you to have command-line access to other computers over a relatively secure connection. scp lets you copy files to and from another computer over that same secure connection. Continue reading