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To Fix App Store Updates For Apps You Don’t Have Installed

A friend recently reported a problem where he was getting update notifications from the Mac App Store (MAS) for programs he did not have installed, under an AppleID that was not his. Since these programs were not installed, he had no way to remove them, and since it was not his AppleID, he had no way to update them. As such, it seemed he was going to be stuck getting these update notifications forever. Luckily, with a little know-how and a lot of persistence, we were able to track down the cause of this and resolve it.
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Be Careful What You Copy/Paste

Given the content of this Blog, and the type of information someone on it would be looking for, I figured I would cover one lesser known vulnerability that SysAdmins often open themselves up to without thinking. This is not a high tech attack vector, but it is an easy one. This attack can occur if you copy/paste commands from a website directly into terminal. I will first show you an example of what happens, then explain how it is happening and how to protect yourself.
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