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Bonjour Devices Not Seen on Ruckus Wi-Fi

This is a known issue that affects ZoneFlex 7363’s. This does not present under all conditions, and Ruckus is still working on figuring out exactly what the cause is. In the meantime there is a work around that fixes this issue. To implement this workaround follow these instructions:

1. Connect to the Ruckus unit via SSH

2. Run the command:

set qos <ifname> directed multicast disable

Where you see <ifname> replace this with the interface name. You can figure this out by running:

get ssid wlan0


get ssid wlan1

…and so on until you locate the SSID of the network you are trying to get bonjour working on. By default, the first 2.4GHz SSID has the ifname wlan0 and the first 5GHz SSID has the ifname wlan8.

3. Exit SSH

4. Reboot the Ruckus