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Introduction to Regular Expressions (Regex)

This next subject might seem a bit obscure, but I promise you, this guide will benefit you significantly if you work in IT/Security long enough. I’m going to be discussing what is usually referred to as a regular expression, or regex. Regex is a very powerful way to search through massive text files for exactly what you need. The problem is, it looks like gibberish until you know exactly how it works.

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How To Improve Your iPhone Battery Life (iOS7)

I was recently sent an article about how to improve your iPhone battery life and asked my opinion of it. I tried reading through it, but the author lost me in the first two sentences of his first recommendation. It was pretty clear that he didn’t quite understand how the technology worked – a sort of knowing just enough to be dangerous situation. I figured I would throw together my own little guide for those interested.
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Speeding up Terminal Window/Tab Opening (10.9)

Alright – this one is going to be short and sweet. A problem that begins to crop up with Terminal over time is that when you open it, it can take a number of seconds to “load” to the actual command prompt. You can begin typing while it loads, and it should catch up with you without problem, but the delay bothers the hell out of me, and I would assume a lot of other people. Luckily, the cause of and resolution to this is very simple.
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